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Some Insights on Borderlands 3 Date : Thursday, April 9, 2020 Adress : 58 Lu'an Road Country : Barrie, Canada Category : TV / Audio / Videos / Camera Website : No Website Email : Phone : 917-8681868 FullName : jack love
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Yesterday, I wrote about Borderlands Science, a new minigame inside Borderlands 3 that is a joint project between Gearbox and a bunch of scientists which has us doing manual data sorting to help map the human gut microbiome.

I’ll be honest, after about an hour and a half of playing Borderlands Science, I still don’t really understand how I’m helping, even after reading the full press release and watching a tutorial video. I get that the Zane, FL4K, Amara and Moze tiles represent that ACGT DNA pieces, but that’s about all I’ve got. But if they say we’re helping, sure, why not.

Here’s the thing though, this little minigame is actually really rewarding from an actual gameplay perspective in Borderlands 3. Originally I thought it was just a skin unlock and four heads for the four classes. You do unlock those, and they Borderlands 3 Money are neat, but beyond that, there are a series of boosts you can buy for “coins” you earn while playing this game and sorting this science data.

Here’s the list of what you can buy:

25% more combat XP for two hours (500 coins)
100% more cash for two hours (500 coins)
10% reload speed and 15% run speed for two hours (500 coins)
10% more damage for one hour (1000 coins)
25% elemental chance and 10% elemental damage for one hour (1000 coins)
Upgrade loot quality for one hour (1000 coins)
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