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A weeding machine. Chaff Cutter is mainly used for cutting crop stalks and pastures, etc. Because it is mostly chopped, it is suitable for livestock farmers such as cattle and sheep. In general, Chaff Cutter is divided into two types: motor and diesel trailer. During the use, daily maintenance and troubleshooting require the attention of farmers. Chaff Cutter uses corn stalks, wheat straw, straw and other crops as processing materials to produce feed processing equipment suitable for livestock breeding cattle, sheep, horses and deer feeds by mechanical crushing, such as hoeing and cutting. Our company's Chaff Cutter can not only produce Cutting crops, you can also crush the grain, also known as Grain Crusher, for dual use.

How Chaff Cutter works:

The motor is used as the supporting power. The power is transmitted to the main shaft, and the gear at the other end of the main shaft transmits the power of the speed regulation to the pressing grass through the gear box, the universal joint, etc., and when the material to be processed enters between the upper and lower pressing grass, the clamp is pressed. The cutter is fed into the cutting mechanism at a certain speed, and the cutter is cut by the high-speed rotation and then thrown out of the machine through the grass outlet.

Chaff Cutter Maintenance:

1. Always check the fasteners for looseness and tighten.

2. Strengthen the maintenance of the bearing housing, coupling, and transmission box, and regularly add or replace the lubricating oil and grease.

3. For the price of the mower with adjustable cutting clearance, it is necessary to adjust the cutting gap according to the thickness of the crop stalk to ensure the normal operation of the mower.

4. When the blade edge is found to be blunt, the oil blade is used to sharpen the moving blade.

5. After each shift is completed, the dust and dirt on the machine should be removed in time; after the end of each season, the debris in the machine should be removed, and the anti-rust oil should be applied to the working parts and placed in a ventilated and dry place.

Chaff Cutter usage notes:

(1) When the mower is in operation, the safety protection equipment must be complete.

(2) The operator should fully understand the performance of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to start work after drinking, sickness or excessive fatigue. When working, people and things should not be close to the running part.

(3) Adolescents under the age of 16 and those who do not have the rules for the use of the machine are not allowed to work alone.

(4) The working place of the mower should be spacious and equipped with fireproof equipment.

(5) When feeding grass, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding hopper, and it is forbidden to reach into the shield of the feeding hopper with both hands. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly prevent wooden sticks, metal objects, masonry, etc. from entering the machine, so as to avoid injury to the machine.

(6) It is forbidden to reverse the cutter head.

(7) The mower must work at the specified speed, and it is forbidden to overspeed and overload work.

(8) When replacing the fasteners of the moving and fixed blades, 8.8 bolts and 8 nuts must be used. It should not be replaced by low-grade bolts and nuts.

(9) If abnormal noise is found during work, stop the inspection immediately. Power must be cut off before inspection to prevent troubles when the machine is running.

(10) The amount of material to be fed should be appropriate, and too much may cause the overload to stop. Of course, it should not be too small, too little will affect the efficiency of cutting.

(11) Before stopping work, first set the displacement handle to 0 position, let the machine idle for about 2 minutes, and then stop the dust and weeds in the machine.

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